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Green Rocks
It's no wonder so many people have a life-long fascination with rocks and gems. The variety of colors, shapes and textures is mind-boggling. However,  imagination defies nature as you can see in this painting, "Green Rocks".

I love doing realistic work, but I usually push the contrasts beyond reality in my paintings; whether it be color, value, edges or surface texture. These beauties are a rock hound's elusive dream!
Sept, Oct, Nov 2019
Watercolor Classes

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in person or by phone.
Watercolor paintings in a colorful, realistic style. Use the Portfolio button to view artwork from several collections including florals, still life and landscapes.

Detailed step-by-step watercolor demos show Lisa's methods for developing intense color, depth and realism.
New Watercolor
Sunny Waterlilies
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Rocks of Ages
Color On the Rocks
Pink & yellow waterlilies in watercolor by Lisa Hill
Sept, Oct, Nov 2019
Watercolor Classes

Information & Registration