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Water Lilies don't let the blazing heat of summer get them down. They keep their cool while their tootsies burrow deep in the mud far beneath the sheltering lily pads.

​On the surface, the water is a mirror, reflecting skylight as well as the dark undersides of the leaves. Coaxing the paint to look like a still, glassy pond might seem impossible. To create this 3-dimensional illusion, an artist observes shapes, values from light to dark, and color. Each facet tells a little piece of the story.

Sept, Oct, Nov 2015
Watercolor Classes!

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in person or by phone.
Watercolor paintings in a colorful, realistic style. Use the Portfolio button to view artwork from several collections including florals, still life and landscapes.

Detailed step-by-step watercolor demos show Lisa's methods for developing intense color, depth and realism.
Pink waterlilies by watercolor artist by Lisa Hill
New Watercolor

Watercolor painting of yellow hibiscus by artist Lisa Hill
Koi #1

Koi in pond watercolor by Lisa Hill
Painted Bunting watercolor by artist Lisa Hill
White waterlilies by watercolor artist by Lisa Hill
Orange sulphur butterfly on rudbeckia by artist Lisa Hill
White rugosa roses with red hips by artist Lisa Hill
From a photo by Dorothy Smith
From a photo by Lory Adams
Red-tailed Hawk in watercolor by artist Lisa Hill