About the Artist

Lisa Hill was born and raised in eastern Washington, an area where Ponderosa Pine is king; between the shrub-steppe of the Columbia River Basin and the mountains of northern Idaho. She is a self-taught watercolorist whose training and experience as a horticulturist, landscape designer, and Master Gardener give her extensive knowledge of the beauty and intricacy of plants. 
Lisa Hill 
Artist Statement

Much of the natural world is delicate and fragile, animate and thriving for only a short time. The ever-present challenge to grasp the form, color and value range of these living delicacies, to recreate those descriptive elements with paint and brush, is exciting to me. With my love of gardening and birding, I instinctively seek out plants and birds as subjects for my paintings. The seasonal succession of buds, leaves, flowers and fruit is a continuous artistic inspiration. The form and plumage of birds often rival the most intricate and colorful flowers.

I am fascinated with color relationships and by the infinite color possibilities when mixing paints. It is an intriguing challenge to understand the mechanics of human vision and take advantage of it by manipulating hue, value and intensity in my paintings.
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About the Artist

Portrait of watercolor artist Lisa Hill from Richland, WA
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Sept, Oct ,Nov 2017
Watercolor Classes!

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