Orchid Triptych
Phalaenopsis - Moth Orchid, is the first in a triptych series of three orchid species.The conservatory at Manito Park in Spokane, WA has an interesting collection of diverse orchids. Many colors, forms and sizes are on display, and all are wonderfully photogenic. 
Watercolor painting of pink Phalaenopsis Moth Orchids by artist Lisa Hill
Cattleya - Florist's Orchid
Watercolor Demonstration
24"x28" framed
Phalaenopsis - Moth Orchid
19"x28" framed
Paphiopedilum -
Lady Slipper Orchid
Watercolor Demonstration
19"x28" framed
Triptych: a work of art comprised of three distinct, but related sections, usually displayed side by side as one unit. The center section is often larger than the side sections.
Cattleya - Florist's Orchid is the central piece in the triptych. Creating a three-panel series was a multi-faceted challenge. Each piece has its own composition, and collectively the three paintings are components in a broader composition. 
Watercolor painting of green Cattleya Florist's Orchid by artist Lisa Hill
Paphiopedilum - Lady Slipper Orchid, is the final piece in the series, so-named by the resemblance of the low-hanging pouch to a lady's slipper.

Paphiopedilum is only one of 880 different genera in the Orchid family. About 25,000 orchid species, more than twice the number of known bird species, populate every continent except mainland Antarctica.
Each piece in the triptych has a 1.25" dark brown rustic frame,
cream mat with dark green liner, and non-glare museum glass.
$2150 for the set
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Orchid Triptych
Watercolor demonstration of Lady Slipper Orchid by artist Lisa Hill
Watercolor painting of Paphiopedilum Lady Slipper Orchid by artist Lisa Hill
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