1.  The drawing of the peppers and puzzle pieces is faint in the photo, but absolutely necessary to keep track of the complexity of the composition. Small bits of blue tape mark the blank areas where puzzle pieces are missing, hopefully to keep me from painting there! 

The shadowed areas of the pepper shapes are defined with darker versions of the main colors.
Lost Edges - watercolor demonstration of jigsaw puzzle
3.  More peppers seem to appear out of nowhere when given a glaze of color. At this stage it is not obvious that the peppers are piled in a jumble several inches thick. In the final painting, many of the peppers are in deep shadow.
4.  A thin glaze of yellow over the orange peppers gives them a little more life. There are subtle additions to the puzzle pieces around the edge.
2.  Narrow masking tape around the edges of the assembled puzzle area help keep a nice sharp edge to the paint. I can paint over the edge of the tape and avoid the difficult task of freehand painting a sharp, straight edge.
5.  Dark values give the painting much more depth. Peppers develop a plump roundness with bright highlights and shadowed edges. Here you can see the white masking tape holding a straight sharp edge along the top and right sides.
6.  Many varieties of pepper in all shapes and colors made a pleasing pattern and a good composition. 

The placement of empty spaces with the out-of-place pieces is also an interesting, balanced arrangement.

People who have the opportunity to view these paintings are intrigued by the loose pieces. You can see them working hard to figure out where they go in the puzzle.
Another painting depicting a jigsaw puzzle with a jumble of brightly colored peppers - and missing pieces. Each piece lying around the edge of the painting belongs in a blank space. Looking carefully at the real painting, there are, literally, Lost Edges.

Watercolor Demo
Lost Edges
Lost Edges
1.5" dark brown frame, 2" white mat with brown liner
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